Operating System For Mobile Computers

Mobile computers are an important part of business operations. However, choosing the right device can be quite complicated. There are several factors to consider, one of the major factors is the operating system. General-use computers operate mainly on either iOS or Windows, whereas the industries are shifting towards Android. In this article, we’ll take a look at both operating systems and determine which one is best for mobile computers.

C60 Mobile Computer


Android is an operating system for mobiles. 

It is owned by Google Inc. and uses Java, C++ and C languages. 

Android is commonly found on phones but it’s a modified version of Linux. 

Thus, it is not solely for mobiles. 

Android is a free software and offers a lot of flexibility of application.


As Android is a modified version of Linux, it’s an open-source system. 

Anyone can modify the software like changing the user interface, adding or removing apps and changes in general functions, etc. 

For rugged handheld computers used in industrial areas, it means more freedom of professional tool development. 

It is much easier to create a barcode scanning app for Android as compared to any other platform. 

Android offers a wide range of tools to help with your daily workflow.


Developers constantly update issues that help to keep the system effective and fast. 

Most of the end users don’t even notice the bugs that each update fixes. 

Furthermore, you can review what changes the update will implement beforehand and select which updates you wish to install.

And the best thing is that the platform doesn’t force anything on you.


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Windows is an operating system that is owned by Microsoft.

It was developed specifically for computers back in 1985. 

But now many mobile computers such as tablets and smartphones operate on Windows. 

It is a very consistent platform because every new version is somewhat similar to the previous one.


It is a closed platform as newer versions used on modern mobile computers don’t allow any modifications. 

Without Microsoft’s permission, no developer can change either the user interface or a pre-installed app.

Though,users are free to install any software they wish to.

Software made for Windows is high quality and often comes with a cost.

Furthermore, pre-installed Microsoft Office apps are widely used in professional environments around the globe.


Security is the main drawback of Windows.

It’s the platform that is most frequently attacked by hackers. 

One of the reasons is the prevalence of Windows PCs over any other.

Another and more concerning reason is the lack of updates which provides hackers time to find a way to break into the system. 

Windows is also prone to viruses because of the same reasons. 

What’s the Difference?

Now that you are aware of the main features of each platform, you can determine which one is the best for mobile computers.

Overall, Android came up as a clear winner in terms of customization and security. 

Therefore, there is no doubt that the platform has taken over the mobile computers market. 

According to VDC research, in 2016, 37% of rugged devices used in warehousing were running on Android.

Today, this number is significantly a bit higher. 

Considering the above-mentioned factors, it is understandable why renowned companies such as Sonim and Honeywell opted for Android over Windows for mobile computers.


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