Everything About Vaccine Passport Scanning

Since the first implementation of COVID-19 vaccinations, dozens of countries have introduced vaccine passport scanning. The European Union (EU) has also announced the launch of a Digital Green Pass certificate on 21st June, which will allow easier travel for vaccinated people. Here, we’ll look at Everything About Vaccine Passport Scanning and lay out some facts.

Vaccine Passport

What Is A Vaccine Passport?

A vaccine passport is a document (either soft or hard copy) that shows if a person has received the COVID-19 vaccine. 

But you should not confuse it with a vaccine card, which is the document given after you get vaccinated. 

Early versions of vaccine passports were paper documents.

However most new versions are now apps that can be checked through a barcode or QR code.

Are COVID Passports Mandatory?

It is expected that for international travel, proving you are vaccinated against COVID-19 would become a standard requirement in the near future.

But for other purposes like going out or attending events, there might be considerable variation between countries and regions. 

What Is A Vaccine Passport App?

The app in your mobile computer is your digital vaccine passport with a QR code. 

Some proposed apps will work by storing the necessary data such as the individual’s name, date of birth, post-code and date of vaccination or recent test.

The information will be stored on a QR code which can be scanned and validated. 

With the hospitality industry shifting toward vaccine passports strictly.

Business owners are struggling with how to scan the codes on their customer’s screens.

In most cases, the customer’s device is not suitable for the vaccine passport apps.

Kamtec Group offers a wide range of mobile computers that are suitable for passport apps.

Below are some important points for business owners who are planning to set up vaccine passport scanners.

Type Of Scanner – Portable Or Static?

A stationary scanner will be useful for a turnstile entry where customers will be scanning on their own.

Business owners can consider either embedding a scanner at their point of entry or on the counter.  

A small pocket scanner or a versatile mobile computer would be enough for portable, in-hand scanning.


Staying Online

Apart from some countries, scanning a vaccine passport requires at least a certain level of connectivity. 

When a scan is initiated, a connection into the national system will send back the required feedback.  

Sometimes this turns on a green light even before you’ve taken your finger off the button.

However, in order to keep this running smoothly a network connection (mobile data or WiFi) is needed. 

Ensuring Proper Speed 

Perhaps the biggest concern of businesses is the one that affects their customers: queue. 

Slow vaccine passport scanning can turn lines from a minor inconvenience into a commotion. 

While the aforementioned points such as connectivity and location can impact speed, perhaps the biggest problem might be due to the scan quality. 

Specifically, the chosen technology shall be able to scan 2D QR codes easily.

Vaccine Scanning

Balancing Your Budget

Both small and large businesses come with budgets to match. 

So, it’s no surprise that the purchase of vaccine passport scanners can create disparity. 

However, there is no need to worry because the cost of each scanner varies. 

Thus, depending on your requirement, you can get one for your business. 

Purchasing the right scanner can be an investment in a digital future.


Whether you call it a digital certificate, green pass or vaccine passport, scanning vaccine passports is here to stay.  

We know that vaccine passports are a new phenomenon.

New information and regulations regarding their functions are rolling out every now and then. 

For international travel, it is best to assume COVID passports will become a necessity.

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