Everything About Rugged Tablets

The popularity of rugged tablets is rapidly increasing. These devices are being used in many industries. It might even change the generally accepted standard of work. If you’re wondering exactly what rugged tablets are, we’re here to tell you everything about rugged tablets.

P80 RFID Tablet 1

What Are Rugged Tablets?

These tablets are industrial devices in a tablet form that meets certain requirements. 

Especially beneficial in terms of protection against extreme and rough environments. 

It’s a tablet with a rugged shell that can withstand extreme temperatures, jolts, drops, etc. 

It may run on any operating system be it Android, Windows or other.

Functionality Of Rugged Tablets

Rugged tablets may slightly differ in terms of functionality but they share some common physical features:

Dust And Water Protection Protocols (IP rating)

The ratings contain two digits, the first one represents solid particle protection and second from water. 

The digit 0 stands for no protection against dust/object entrance. 

Ratings should start with 6 in rugged tablets. 

The digit 0 for the second digit means lack of protection against water.

The maximum mark, 9 indicates that the device can withstand high water pressure and even harsh chemical liquids.

MIL-STD Certification 

This military standard certification indicates that the device has gone through environmental resistance testing. 

The testing includes vibration, shock, pressure, thermal and a lot more. 

As we read in IP rating, higher digit means higher protection whereas MIL-STD certification doesn’t have such an indication system. 

P80 RFID Tablet

Uses Of Rugged Tablets 

The tablets are used in many industries such as:

Delivery Services

Often rugged tablets feature barcode scanners and can last all day without charging.

It also provides other functions found in a proper computer. 

Just like regular tablets, these tablets also provide tools for delivery drivers to contact the warehouse or client. 

Field Services

Field professionals often have to work at a variety of locations in unpredictable conditions.

So these tablets ensure that no physical damage will affect it. 

It provides the connectivity features that allows one to keep in contact with colleagues or clients. 

Tablets also allow the field professionals access to vital information such as maps, instructions and can also keep track of equipment. 


Often, one of the most useful features found in some rugged tablets is a barcode scanner. 

However, a warehouse is often dusty, thus IP protection is a must. 

Workers climb to reach top shelves, drop parcels etc.

Therefore, MIL-STD certification protects a tablet from accidental damage when dropped or hit with something heavy.


Protection against liquid and temperature is a must for agriculture workers, both with large and small farms. 

The tablets that feature sunlight readability and glove-friendly touch screens would be most suitable for outdoor working people.

Rugged tablets are known to be a long-term investment.

It saves your business’s assets, helps in avoiding unpredictable expenses and improves the overall efficiency. 

These tablets are reliable and won’t let your workers down due to either a drained battery or bad weather. 

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