Complete Guide To Set Up A Barcode Scanner

The barcode scanner is highly useful in warehousing, manufacturing, retailing, logistics and in other industries. But implementing it involves many steps such as choosing a scanning device and software, understanding barcode types and how to generate them. It can become quite overwhelming to business owners. Today, we’ll explain the importance of barcode scanners and how they are set up. Let’s begin with our Complete Guide To Set Up A Barcode Scanner.

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Why To Use A Barcode Scanner?

If you want to improve the workflow of manufacturing, distribution or retail warehouse, you should definitely get a barcode scanner. 

Unless your warehouse is small, keeping products organized and managing inventory manually is next to impossible. 

Here are some of the uses that will help you to realize whether you need one:

Receiving an order

A barcode scanner helps in identifying incoming orders and ensuring you receive the right product in the right quantities. 

Also, this helps in enhancing inventory accuracy and communication between your warehouse workers, suppliers and retailers. 

Also, to your surprise a scanner also indicates the right location for new stock on your warehouse shelves for better organization.

Product replenishment 

When the shelves of retailing become empty, the barcode scanner quickly locates the necessary product for its replenishment. 

It can also help in instantly finding out the stock level.

Inventory management 

A scanner connected to your inventory tracking system is of great help in daily inventory management. 

You can efficiently count all your assets and update their status with modern scanners. 

A scanner also indicates the correct location for specific products in your warehouse.


Barcode scanners with modern scanning apps help in product packaging, ensuring the orders are labeled and shipped correctly.

It also allows you to track packages.

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With a barcode scanner there is no need for manual shipment verification. 

Workers can quickly find out the shipment content, quantity, receiver and other information included in the code. 

A barcode scanner provides extreme accuracy and speed by optimizing the shipping processes.


You might notice a barcode scanner at every checkout in stores globally. 

Barcode scanning software keeps editing the inventory levels while you’re paying for your groceries.

Step By Step Process To Set Up A Barcode Scanner

The process of setting up a barcode scanner may vary depending on the type of the scanner. 

However, most of them come with similar instructions and don’t need professional installation.

For corded scanners:

  1. Firstly, shut down your computer.
  2. Connect the scanner’s cord into a port.
  3. Start your computer.
  4. Lastly, follow on-screen installation instructions or take a look at the user manual for the next steps.

For wireless scanners:

  1. Firstly, install compatible drivers with your scanner software on your computer.
  2. Enable Wi-Fi, bluetooth or another connectivity medium on your computer and scanner.
  3. Pair both the devices.
  4. Depending on the manufacturer, you may need to register the scanner in your POS software.
  5. Follow instructions in the user manual for further configuration.

Introducing barcode scanners into your business processes is a wise yet large investment. 

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