Beginner’s Guide To Zero Touch Enrollment

Zero-touch enrollment, as defined by Google, is a simplified approach for provisioning Android devices for enterprise administration. This allocates the devices an enterprise configuration right away when they boot up. When these devices are given a corporate configuration, they begin the fully controlled device provisioning process. All of this takes place automatically in pre-configured devices as soon as they are turned on. The devices can be provided with enforced management due to the simple online configuration, allowing staff to get started with these devices right away.

Zero touch enrollment

The Prerequisites :-

To use ZT enrollment, you only need to make sure of two things :-

  • Purchase Android Zero Touch-supportive smartphones from a reseller partner, or a Pixel phone.
  • Select an Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) provider.

Certain qualifying devices for zero touch enrollment are not available in a consumer marketplace.

You can purchase them directly via an enterprise reseller or Google partner.

How Does Zero-Touch Enrollment Work?

Admin will complete the following steps for Zero touch enrollment :

  • Creating a Zero-Touch account is the first step.
  • Adding devices based on their IMEI numbers.

Complete the following tasks on the computer/laptop:

  1. Click on the Zero-touch enrollment option in Android for Work Setup. Select the option to create a configuration.
  2. Create a device profile with the apps, websites and content you want.
  3. Set up the gadget using a QR code setting.
  4. Enter the device’s name and choose the QR code configuration to apply to the device.
  5. You will see a configuration code. Please take a copy.
  6. Log in with your Android zero touch account. To add a new configuration, click the ‘+’ icon. Add your configuration name, pick your preferred EMM DPC, enter the company name, email, phone number and then display the message.
  7. After that, paste the configuration that you copied earlier. To continue, click add.
  8. By typing in the IMEI number, you can search for devices.
  9. Select a device configuration and then click Update.


zero touch enrollment


There are a few things you need to do on the device:

  • To begin with, turn on the gadget.
  • Connect your device to the internet.
  • To grant permissions, select yes/agree.
  • The device is now ready to use.

What Does Zero-Touch Enrollment Imply For Different Users?

For several scenarios, zero-touch enrollment allows for efficiency, quickness and simplicity.

IT Admins: When a pre-created configuration policy is chosen for devices instead of having to manually deploy each device, bulk device provisioning, enrollment and onboarding become a snap.

Customers: Customers can better control their devices following factory resets, thanks to this one-time setup process. They can also use their favourite EMM provider to define policies and manage apps on the devices.

Employees: Employees may immediately begin utilising these preconfigured and fully managed corporate devices by just logging in, saving time and effort. Companies may effortlessly mobilise their personnel by using Zero Touch device enrollment.

Google Zero-touch enrollment seeks to make large-scale device deployments more efficient and secure.

Also, companies can ship work-managed devices to employees who can just open the box, sign in and get to work. 

It will also work to simplify Android device provisioning for better enterprise management.

This will result in higher IT efficiency, increased employee output and faster time-to-market.

We hope you found this guide useful.

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