All About RFID Systems

Radio frequency identification (RFID) is a technology which allows us to identify almost any object. Data transmission through radio waves is the wireless solution for identification. That is why we need RFID systems for RFID technology to work properly. Several hardware components together form an effective RFID system. In this article, we’ll be sharing everything about RFID systems. Read on to know more!!!

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The components used to establish a RFID system are the following:


For tracking, RFID tags use radio frequency.  

Tags transmit data from the tag to the reader via radio frequency.

We can use RFID tags in multiple areas such as tracking or identifying vehicles, articles, pets and patient’s medical history. 

They consist of an antenna, a radio transducer and an encapsulated material/ chip. 

The antenna allows the chip to transmit the identification information contained in it. 

We need to place RFID tags on objects and then the reader reads it.

If they are active RFID tags, there is no need to wait for the reader to read it. 

These tags usually have one or more memory banks to store the diverse information and unique identifiers.

RFID Antennas

RFID antennas are responsible for sending radio frequencies to RFID tags.

This energizes them and also hears the response returned by the tags.

The RFID antennas are connected to the reader via a coaxial cable.

These are the voice and ear of the reader that depends on the antenna to send and receive the generated information.

RFID Readers

RFID readers, often known as the brain of the RFID system.

We can program the readers in a RFID system to act as per our needs. 

They can read only certain RFID tags, at a given time, only once in inventory mode or read the tags repeatedly to measure a specific information.

These readers vary in features and functions. 

That is why there is a wide range of RFID readers available depending on the purpose. 

Also, the price range of RFID readers vary depending upon the design.

From hundred euros for a basic reader to more than thousand euros for complex and high performance RFID readers.

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RFID Cables

RFID cables also known as coaxial cables connect the reader to the antenna.

We can send the commands via radio frequency to the antenna. 

RFID cables vary in terms of connectors, length and insulation rating.

RFID Components

You can add the additional elements depending on the complexity of your RFID system.

These elements make easy usage and optimize the functionality. 

These hardware elements usually include antenna mounts, RFID printers, multiplexers, GPIOs and a lot more.

RFID Software

RFID software controls or helps to extract the information.

You can use the software depending on the functionality you want for your RFID system.

The RFID softwares varies according to the RFID System.

You can use it either as a firmware or a basic software program.

Or you can opt for firmware, middleware and complex software.

It usually requires some kind of software so that the hardware can perform the basic as well as complex functions.

We hope we have helped you. 

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