All About Mobile Computing

Mobile computing has become available everywhere over the past few decades. In simple terms, mobile computing makes it easy to access information while being away from the desktop, it allows us to process information while in motion.

Personal computers, smartphones and tablets are also mobile computers but not usually associated with the industry term. It relies on barcodes for gathering data.

Today, we’ll learn everything you should know about mobile computing and its importance.

C60 Mobile Computer

What is mobile computing?

It is also referred to as nomadic computing. 

That usually means equipment that can be moved while using.

Mobile computers allow communication via voice, text or any other virtual way.

These devices need not have a fixed access point to power or the internet. 

Mobile computing enables users to transmit data from wherever they are and whenever they wish to. 

A static point is not necessary for the device to function effectively.

Mobile computing vs wireless networks

Both mobile computing and wireless networks have become prevalent.

In many ways they’re interchangeable also. 

In fact, a smartphone user might notice when their device switches seamlessly from one signal source to another.

Mobile computers usually rely on the cellular network/mobile data to receive data.

Whereas, if a device is attached to a wireless network, the proximity of the wireless router determines its abilities. 

For example, if you take out the SIM card from your smartphone.

You can still connect it to a wireless network (WIFI) but you won’t be able to access the cellular network.


Uses of mobile computing across various industries

It is important for organizations because it helps in streamlining the tasks.

Mobile computing allows companies to solve issues faster.

Let’s take a look at industries that rely on mobile computers.

C60 Mobile

Oil and gas

It is one of the most decentralized industries as they operate in various locations worldwide. 

When it comes to oil and gas transportation, having the ability to access databases securely while in motion is very essential.


Healthcare industry

QR codes have become more common in hospitals and pharmacies. 

No need to worry about the bad handwriting on prescription of the physician.

In the healthcare industry, this technology has proved to be a practical and more cost-effective approach. 

Also, you don’t have to keep all of your medical history in a file.

Due to mobile computing, hospital workers can scan a code and instantly receive a patient’s medical history. 

This can help in saving a life as the patient won’t have to wait to fill up the forms.


The courier service relies broadly on a mobile computers.

Perhaps you might have noticed that the delivery guy carries a mobile computer that provides the data about packaging and delivery addresses. 

This helps the company to provide proof that the package has been delivered safely and at a specific time.


Due to the pandemic,instructors and students are using various mobile devices to communicate and perform tasks.

The use of mobile computing in education has been very transformative.

Various mobile tools such as smart boards made education systems more accessible.

It’s an undeniable fact that mobile computing has proved its worth in almost every industry.

It is a definite path to the future due to the fact that technology is always evolving.

If you’re a business owner trying to maximize productivity, save time, money and create a better service, you should go for mobile computers. 

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