All About GTIN Barcode

Any business, logistics or industrial supply chain would be incomplete without product identification. This is especially true as more and more online vendors include unique product identifiers in their listings on big marketplaces like Amazon and Google Shopping. The GTIN Barcode is one of the most widely used barcodes for identifying commerce commodities globally. You’ll learn everything you need to know about GTIN Barcode in today’s guide.

GTIN barcode

What Is A GTIN Barcode?

To identify their trade items, companies all across the world utilise the Global Trade Item Number (GTIN). 

Trade items are services and products that are priced, ordered and invoiced in a supply chain. 

Also, by using GTIN code, you can identify consumer units, inner packs, pallets, cases and other packaging level product types.

Also, a GTIN plus a serial number can identify unique objects.

Companies benefit from this code since it provides a common language for their global trade partners to identify their products and interact more effectively. 

You can find the GTIN on a barcode, an EPC or an RFID tag

Companies can receive accurate access to product-related information by scanning this tag. 

Usage Of A GTIN Barcode

GTINs can be useful in any situation where a product or service needs to be identified. 

These product IDs can be used in a variety of industries and for a variety of products:

  • Physical Products – These codes are simple to encode into Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tags or attach to objects for quick identification throughout supply chain transit.
  • E-Commerce – By acting as a Uniform Resource Identifier, a GTIN barcode can help facilitate internet applications and data sharing (URI). They allow you to keep track of virtual products like digital music, e-books and other such items.
  • IT Systems – The GTIN is a unique number that identifies products across all systems and databases. This creates a link between systems that aid in the optimization of operational processes and corporate analytics.

How To Purchase A GTIN Barcode?

The GS1 is the safest and most legal approach to get GTIN codes for your items. 

It is a non-profit organisation that develops and maintains worldwide supply chain standards. 

They’ve been selling GTINs since 1974 and are the only place you can get a customised GTIN.

You’ll get a unique company prefix after registering with GS1.

Becoming a member is what makes the GTIN personalised. 

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You must pay a one-time membership charge as well as an annual fee that renews each year in order to do so. 

Also, the GS1 will then assign a specified number of GTINs to you based on your requirements.

You’ll notice that they only sell GTIN barcodes in bulk, which is a great alternative for businesses who deal with a lot of products. 

However, for people with only a few items to sell, this may not be the most cost-effective alternative.

If you fall into the second group, you might want to look into buying GTINs from resellers.


GTIN Barcode Advantages

  • A reliable product identification solution.
  • Ensures brand protection and provides a link back to your company.
  • Information exchange that is seamless.
  • Reduces the labor costs and training time.
  • An all-encompassing system that operates anywhere.

GTIN Code Disadvantages

  • Only allows for the encoding of numerical data.
  • Damage tolerance is poor, which affects scanning abilities.
  • Takes time in implementation.
  • It is a costly scanning equipment.

You should now have a good knowledge of what a GTIN barcode is, how it works and where you can get one after reading our guide.

Also, make sure to get in touch with us to obtain a discount on bulk orders.