Accessibility and Simplicity in Android Zero-Touch Enrollment

The Android Zero-Touch Enrollment programme has witnessed steady expansion in its user base and capabilities since its inception in Android’s Lollipop phases. Oreo introduced one of the most important features among these. 

Google provides its users with numerous enrollment methods such as NFC, QR code, DPC identification and G-Suite because of the availability of multiple business models and organisational structures. One of these is zero-touch, which Google claims is the best. When it comes to device enrollment and management, it gives the IT manager simplicity and flexibility. There is no manual setup as the configuration procedure is simple and the enrollment technique is uniform across devices.

In November 2020, Google announced several improvements to zero-touch enrollment. The majority of these innovations are ground-breaking. And they improve zero-touch enrollment’s customer accessibility. Let’s take a closer look. 


Zero Touch Accessibility In All 9.0+ Devices 

Device availability was one of the most common complaints among zero-touch consumers around the world. 

Zero-touch was an optional feature, which means it was not available on all OEMs. 

It was made available to OEMs as an optional app that they could install on their smartphones. 

This will no longer be the case. 

In the future, zero-touch will be included in Google Play Services, making it available to all Android devices running version 9.0 and up.

This simplifies the process of purchasing Android smartphones for your company. 

Earlier to find out which gadgets were compatible with zero-touch, you had to go via a directory or catalogue. 

There will be no more confusion about which smartphone to choose with the advent of this feature.

As it will be available on all modern Android handsets.

Getting Your EMM And Zero-Touch Solutions To Work Together

With this new functionality, you can manage all of your zero-touch accounts from your EMM solution’s single pane of glass. 

If your EMM solution integrates the zero-touch iframe in their console, you won’t have to switch between the zero-touch gateway and the EMM console. 

Zero-touch can now recognise which EMM solution you’re using, thanks to this feature. 

This means that zero-touch may now make intelligent decisions and recommendations based on your EMM solution. 

Another advantage of this feature is that it simplifies the process of transferring configurations to a new device.

Previously, using a JSON code to push configurations or DPC extras was a pretty cumbersome operation. 

Because of this new feature, this method is now obsolete.

The Updated Solutions Directory

Android Solutions Directory has undergone some significant adjustments to reflect the functionalities stated above.

  1. The filter that used to show devices that were zero-touch ready has been removed from the solutions directory, which now only lists profiles of Android Enterprise Recommended devices.
  2. The device profiles now include information concerning security update support, such as the end date of updates for the specific device and the frequency of security updates.
  3. Introduction of new filters to assist you in finding the appropriate gadget for your needs:
  • Security update support’s last date. 
  • The frequency of security updates.  
  • Additional accreditations include: Common Criteria, ioXt.

To Conclude

As previously stated, the Android Enterprise team introduced two game-changing innovations.

The universal availability of zero-touch is a godsend for any firm just starting with device management.

It has opened up a whole new world of possibilities for SMBs because being mobile is now easier than ever.

When it comes to convenience, the AE team’s use of the zero-touch iframe to make device configuration simple is a masterstroke.

It decreases the number of unnecessary iterations.

These modifications demonstrate that the AE team is listening to its users and making adjustments in response to their requests.


We hope that you’ve found this guide helpful. If you need any assistance, feel free to reach out to us.