All You Need To Know About RFID Readers – Part 1

Chainway is a long-term Impinj Gold Partner and works closely with them in order to develop and design a wide new range of high-performance RFID modules and devices. Impinj, a pioneer provider of RAIN RFID solutions has officially announced its next generation of RAIN RFID reader chips.

All about rfid readers

“The Impinj E710, E510 and E310 RAIN RFID reader chips are low-power, high-performance and highly-integrated systems on a chip (SoCs) which extends the connectivity of the device to hundreds of billions of things worldwide, including apparel, pharmaceuticals, parcels, automotive parts and a lot more.


Continuing in building the heritage of the Impinj Indy reader chips, which has been used by millions of devices worldwide, the new Impinj E710, E510, and E310 reader chips deliver industry-leading performance, integration and an ease of use with:

  •   Up to 2x better receiving sensitivity for higher reliability performance in new and existing solutions.
  •   Up to 80% smaller RAIN RFID system designs that are ideal for small and next-generation IoT devices.
  •   50% lower chip power consumption, supporting battery-powered and energy-efficient devices.
  •   Software and pin compatible designs that are easy in performance upgrades and design reuse.” stated Impinj.

Chainway will reveal some new RFID products and the next generation of RFID modules and readers, all powered by Impinj E710, E510, E310 RAIN RFID chips in the upcoming months.

The first upcoming new and upgraded products are:

C72 Handheld RFID Reader (powered by Impinj E710)

Chainway C72 RFID Reader is an Android product which provides best-in-class, UHF RFID capability. It is built with an embedded Impinj RFID reader chip that enables 15m+ of read distance outdoors. The features of RFID reader include optional barcode scanning, Octa-Core processor and powerful 8000mAh battery that perfectly meets demand in intensive applications, especially when we talk about asset management, apparel inventory, finance, retail, warehousing, expressway toll, etc.

C72 UHF RFID Reader

C66 Handheld RFID Reader (powered by Impinj E710)

Chainway C66 is a well-built handheld RFID product that comes with a large display screen. This self-developed UHF module is integrated with an Impinj RFID chip that enables the C66 reader to offer outstanding stability as well as sensitivity. The features of this RFID product include Android 9.0 and Qualcomm Octa-core processor leading to remarkable configurations and accessories. Besides these, it can also be equipped optionally with a barcode data collecting engine as well. All of these features make this handheld reader, perfectly reliable and suitable to be adopted in industries such as Warehouse,  Logistics & Express, Retail & Asset Management to assist their customers.

C66 Handheld 3

C61 Handheld RFID Reader (powered by Impinj E710)

Chainway C61 RFID Reader is one of the high-class handheld terminal. This self-developed module is integrated with an Impinj UHF RFID chip and has an ultra-long distance, large scale reading ability that is high in accuracy, stability and speed. It is built with Android 9.0 and Qualcomm Octa-core processor. C61 RFID Reader offers a wide range of options including three different versions of keypad (with 27/37/47 keys), a detachable 6700mAh battery supporting quick-charge and an optional 5200mAh battery for pistol grip reader. This reader can be easily implemented in industries such as logistics, manufacturing, retailing etc.

C61 Mobile Computer